Matt R. Schneider
Executive VP - Entrepreneur - Leadership Coach

The Ignition Year Coaching program was developed by combining my 5 years in Special Operations within SWAT and the US Marshals: Fugitive Team - and my years of in the trenches experience as an Entrepreneur and Business Executive of multiple - multi-million dollar international companies. As the EVP / Equity Owner of a global software (SaaS) company with a target valuation of over $120M, I practice what I preach on a daily basis.

  Special Operations is known for its effectiveness and efficiency when dealing with complex problems. Elite Operators within Special Operations learn how to effectively communicate, lead, make decisions, adapt and overcome. 

Entrepreneurs that learn how to lead and execute with the precision, discipline and focus of Special Operations, while at the same time having strong Core Values, Solid Structure, Team Cohesion and Effective Leadership of a For Profit company - scale quickly and overwhelmingly dominate their competition. 

Is the Ignition Year Coaching program right for you?

Use the tips below to help you decide...

✅ Apply If...

  • You're an Entrepreneur, Company Executive or Team Leader.
  • ​You want to make more money in 2022.
  • ​You want to experience less stress and frustration. 
  • ​You're coachable and willing to execute.
  • ​You're Prepared To Invest In Yourself: Your coaching program is $2,500/mo. This is not your average mastermind or coaching program. We get big results. You must pay a premium price for premium results. 

🚫 Do Not Apply If...

  •  You don't check all of the boxes in the "Apply If" category. 

Here's What's Included As A Client

  • My 2X Guarantee. I'm so confident in the results of my coaching that if you decide the ROI isn't there within 90 days, I will DOUBLE your money back that month and pay you $5,000. No fine print.. No strings attached. 
  • ​No Contracts. You either love it, or you can leave it. Anytime.
  • ​Road Map Development of your companies 3-Year Vision
  • C-Suite Executive Team Member at a fraction of the cost
  • 60-Minute Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
  • On Call Coaching For Priority Issues and/or Opportunities 
  • ​EOS Operating System Customized To Your Business
  • ​Weekly Scorecard To Track Trends and Progress for strategic data driven decisions
  • ​Personal and Professional Growth challenges
  • ​Guidance On Growth Strategies
  • ​Introductions To Others In My Network Who May Be Good Clients and/or Strategic Partnerships

Let's Discuss If Coaching Is Right For You!

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